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About us


Tierra Dentro, offers high quality service and personal attention to our clients. This  makes our company an excellent option within Alternative Tourism.

Tierra Dentro is comprised of a multicultural team of employees with diverse backgrounds and experience. We advocate and promote Responsible Tourism on both the environmental and community levels. We strive to ensure that all the communities we visit benefit in some real way from the exchange.

   Our expert guides are knowledgeable and experienced, instilling in our clients a sense of  security in any place or with any activity. Personalized attention is given to each client on every trip. For this reason we limit the number of participants in a tour. Before embarking on a trip, we send clients pertinent  information regarding the excursion with a detailed itinerary of activities so they will know exactly what is required and therefore can prepare accordingly.

   We are firmly committed to the idea that sustainable tourism is possible through the practice of Alternative Tourism. In our relationship with the world around us, we seek to have a minimum environmental impact. Since the year 2000, we believe in and use the
principles of international organizations such as Leave No Trace (www.LNT.org) and the Center for Responsible Tourism (C.E.R.T.).